St. Enodoc Golf Club - Berry Young Trophy

Berry Young Trophy

In spite of the best efforts of the County Council Roads Department to set up road blocks at Trewornan Bridge. Our Seniors demonstrated the usual resourcefulness to overcome the barriers placed before them when confronted with those determined to hinder their enjoyment of a game of golf. There was no truth in the rumour that John Darby was offering helicopter flights to the North Coast, nor that David Balmford was removing his Shackleton from mothballs to fly in on to the Holywell Course. But it is true that residents of Chapel Amble were alarmed by the congestion that affected their country lanes.

Nevertheless the competition went ahead on time and was completed by all who entered. The Berry Young Trophy was instituted in 2008 by the widows of two of our members in remembrance of their pleasure at playing the Holywell course. It takes the form of a Pinehurst Greensome and combines those members who play the Church course with those who usually play the Holywell. The weather was sublime and the competition was very close. It was not a large field but a select one. The winners this year were Ken Metcalf and Harry Gliddon. Mrs Berry was delighted to present the Trophy. Reports came in that the roads home were clear and the sun was still shining.