St. Enodoc Golf Club - Atlantic Derby

Atlantic Derby

On Friday the 22nd the annual Atlantic Derby, which is a scratch match vs Trevose, took place at St Enodoc. The weather was fine, and the course was in great condition.

Carl immediately recognised Guy on the first tee because Guy was his coach at Merlin back in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately for Guy, Carl may have picked up on a few more things since then including 2 holes. Hopefully no other prodigies come out of the wood work as Guy plans a no-loss policy going into the CTC.

  • Guy Hovil L 2&1 Carl Burley

Irwin thought for a moment he may be playing the infamously tidy snooker player Steve Davis, but he was wrong. He was also wrong about the club off the 17th tee and the line of a few putts which lead to his demise on the 18th.

Jack Irwin L 1 down Steve Davis

Masters, having played and lost to Gammon the year before, decided to get some revenge. The Wednesday 12 hole legend who basically subsidised his membership through it played some decent golf and will no doubt be drawn Gammon away.

Mike Masters W 2&1 Nick Gammon

Combellack, who enjoys a limited selection of food items, found himself in a tough situation playing against England International Leigh. Although we will jokingly say he lost to a 15-year-old, age is of no value here. Joseph will no doubt bounce back.

Joe Combellack L 5&4 George Leigh

Lewis Bradley aka “The +2 Handicap Slayer” played very well on Friday night. Grootz appeared to struggle off the tee slightly.. easily done at St Enodoc. The +2 slayor reports that he is looking forward to slaying some more players during the CTC campaign.

Lewis Bradley W 4&3 Mark Grootz

When Chuck arrived at the latter side of the evening to find he was playing against resident birdie machine Joe Cruse he must have thought that he would have to hole a few putts, however going by Joe’s form at the Saunders Cup on Sunday with 4 birdies and 2 eagles on the front 9.. a few putts dropping would not be enough!

Joe Cruse W 6&5 Chuck Norris

To conclude a 3-3 draw is a good result considering the handicap differences. There were some excellent performances in the team and its all to play for at Trevose in September. Thank you to Martin Trees who came up to support our campaign.