St. Enodoc Golf Club - Another win for the Seniors

The Seniors entertained Launceston Seniors to the links on 26 May and managed to emerge victorious by 6½ - 1½. On a day when the gloomy forecast proved to be flawed, the match was played in benign and warm conditions with only one match victory going to the visitors and the halved game was only surrendered on the 18th green.

As befits the best senior traditions, having made clear to the visitors the green to be used for the nearest-the-pin wine, Captain of the Day, Geoff Matthews then placed the essential gear on the wrong green. Fortunately, no visitor in the first match hit the green anyway and Captain Nigel in the second game rescued the dear old soul from a potential c*** - up !

On a very positive note, the Seniors were delighted and relieved to see Kevin Birkett in the team again for the first time since his alarming adventure on the health front. As the opposing captain compared Kevin’s play to that of Luke Donald, perhaps there is some powerful medical secret which he would now pass on to the rest of us !

  • Geoff Matthews & Kevin Birkett won 3 & 2
  • Nigel Thomas & Roger Priestley won 2 up
  • Harry Gliddon & Keith Willmott won 2 up
  • Frank Harper & John Harbinson halved
  • John Retford & Ken Metcalfe lost 1 down
  • Garry Cooper & Tony Mindel won 1 up
  • Paul Godfrey & Derek Rushton won 4 & 2
  • John Bower & David Barber won 4 & 3

NTP: David Barber.