St. Enodoc Golf Club - Annual tribal warfare event coming soon

Annual tribal warfare event coming soon

There are some events at St Enodoc and which should not be missed viz Captain's Day, Tom Noggi but of equal importance is the annual Cornwall vs The Rest of the World (RoW hereafter).

This years Captains are Tris Lang for Kernow and Andy Golding for RoW. Now the RoW, it is claimed, have not won this event and the coveted pasty trophy since 1990. Psychologically then all the pressure is on Tris as he will not wish to be the first losing Captain in 26 years or is it Andy perhaps ? Niblick is of the view that Andy does not easily waver under pressure.

The teams have yet to be selected; as soon as they are they will be posted on the website. In the meantime you can practice singing "Trelawney's Army"