St. Enodoc Golf Club - Andy Bunt

Andy Bunt

As many of you will know club stalwart and Captain's Committee Member Andy Bunt has been suffering for a long time with kidney disease. He has been on daily home dialysis but this you would never know when playing with him; he has been taking enough pills each day to start a small pharmacy and never complained.

He has been on the (long) waiting list for a transplant for some time now; on Saturday last he received a call from Derriford Hospital along the lines of "get yourself over here now we have a kidney for you". By Saturday evening Andy, after seven hours of surgery, had his new kidney.

At this early stage we know that he is progressing well and that the prognosis is good. St Enodoc Golf Club wishes Andy a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him again soon. If you can send him a text message of support please do.