St. Enodoc Golf Club - Achtung ! Alert ! Heads Up ! - Dates for the Diary

This is an early warning alert for two forthcoming events and which will be of interest to many Members.

Firstly on Saturday October 1st at 1730 there will be a talk from St Enodoc Member Lord Butler entitled "Life with five Prime Ministers". Robin was Private Secretary to Prime Ministers Edward Heath (1972–74) and Harold Wilson(1974–75), and Principal Private Secretary to Margaret Thatcher (1982–85). Along with Thatcher, he was almost killed in the 1984 IRA bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton. He was also Cabinet Secretary during the premierships of Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair.

More detail will be provided in due course of what promises to be a fascinating talk.

Next, on a date to be decided - but probably late August early September - there will an evening with Scott Gibson our Course Manager. This will be a Q & A session and the Greenkeepers compound will be fully opened so that Members can have a close up of recently delivered equipment.