St. Enodoc Golf Club - Aces High in the Seniors

Aces High in the Seniors

Whether it was the old chestnut about waiting for a bus for hours, then two come along together, or whether it was the golfing equivalent of BOGOF, the unusual occurred on Monday, 24 November.

At the Seniors’ weekly roll-up, nearly 40 old boys set out on the Church course in crisp, but bright conditions. However, two of their number came in with smiles to rival the welcome sunshine on a glorious autumn day.

Mike Kent and Bill Comyn are to be congratulated, as each achieved a hole-in-one, Mike on the 11th and Bill on the 15th. It was a large field so it is to be hoped that their credit or debit cards were not tucked safely under the mattress !

Mike Kent had selected a rescue club at the 11th. According to his playing partners the ball flew straight at the pin with laser like accuracy but no one saw the ball in to the hole until a search behind the green had proved fruitless.

Bill Comyn was on the fifteenth. He had hit a seven wood into the setting sun. Two Australian visitors on the tenth tee were animated and jubilant, but bewildered by the lack of reaction on the fifteenth tee. They were new to St Enodoc and assumed that this happened so frequently that the golfers above them were nonchalant about such an incident. The truth was that the sun had blinded them to the flight of the ball and none had seen it drop in the hole.

Mike Kent waxes lyrical about his hole in 1