St. Enodoc Golf Club - A Wet and Windy Win for the Seniors

When the team arrived at Carlyon Bay for their match on Monday, 26th October, it was dry, although a fresh wind was whistling through the thinning pates, longjohns and Aertex vests ! After only a couple of holes, things changed significantly as the wind strengthened and the rain blew in with a vengeance, prompting non-PC mutterings about why the French couldn’t keep their own rain to themselves. In such drenching and flying cap conditions, players of the biffers, swatters and slashers brigade find themselves seriously handicapped as they seek the middle of the blade. It is gratifying to record that it appears the Old Saints found a few more sweet spots than their hosts because they finished soaked but satisfied with a 5 -3 win. Old Hickory understands that Captain Paul Godfrey is already running the vacuum over his prayer mat in preparation for a plea for better conditions for the return match on 4th November.

  • Paul Godfrey & John Radford won 4 & 2
  • Roger Priestley & Dick Leivers lost 8 & 7
  • Kevin Birkett & Ken Metcalfe lost 3 & 1
  • Steve Smith & Richard Norsworthy won 4 & 2
  • Keith Hawke & John Westlake lost 1 down
  • Richard Parsons & Nigel Thomas won 3 & 2
  • Derick Rushton & Colin Earle won 3 & 1
  • Bill Hughes & Geoff Matthews won 4 & 3

NTP: Dick Leivers

Old Hickory’s Trivia:

If the course seems empty when you arrive, it’s because a society of 100 golfers is due to tee-off in a shotgun start in 15 minutes. And the one changing next to you cracks his knuckles, smells like a rubbish dump and knows a thousand golf jokes. Have a nice day !