St. Enodoc Golf Club - A new Captain for St Enodoc Seniors

A new Captain for St Enodoc Seniors

As readers will have been noticed St Enodoc Seniors recently elected a new Captain - Paul Godfrey. This quiet unassuming fellow keeps a very low profile and so Niblick asked him for a little background for the benefit of those Members who may not yet have bumped into all six feet four of him, here is what he said -

“I was born and bred on a farm just after the war, hence my love of butter. By the time I had left school, having avoided being chucked out of any of them I wanted to go into the RAF and fly aeroplanes, but poor eyesight put an end to that ambition, so went back to my roots and farmed for a few years. Started off milking 120 cows twice a day, but got fed up with getting up at 4.15am every morning. Then went to an agricultural contractor and played with great big toys. Somehow found that I wanted to get in the film industry and after a couple of years as a freelance assistant got offered a 3 month holiday relief job at the BBC. They sent me all round the world at the licence payers expense, so I stayed 10 years before returning to the freelance world. I worked on many TV commercials, TV dramas and feature films. During this time I fulfilled my ambition to fly, which I continued to do for many years (I haven’t yet found a quicker way of getting rid of money.) I stopped working about 5 years ago, and now fill my time at St.Enodoc trying to play golf, fishing with Martin Biddle when the weather permits and gardening.”

We used Paul\'s filming expertise to help with the excellent course flyovers and which can be seen here