St. Enodoc Golf Club - A Double for the Seniors !

The Seniors achieved a double, winning 6 – 2, when they entertained Bude on Monday 09 September – a welcome event in a season where victories have been at a premium. This fixture is another in which the clubs compete for a trophy over the two matches and in this case, the prize is the ‘Bude Putter,’ to which is attached an intriguing history involving the Seniors’ Captain. In 1959, when the 15 year old Peter Commings was playing at Bude, having hit his ball deep into the bushes alongside the distant 9th hole, he charged in, with athletic alacrity (not words usually associated with the revered leader !) after his pocket-money ball. There he discovered an ancient hickory shaft putter, which had clearly been lying there for a long time, thrown perhaps by a frustrated ancient who had just 4 putted the green. Engraving on the back of the blade revealed that it had been bought in a Bude sports shop in the 1920s. To many of us, what follows is the surprising part - a guilt-free Peter took it home (!!) where it was cast into a corner. There it remained for nearly half a century until 2006 when he presented it (conscience-stricken perhaps !?) to the Bude club who chose to make it the inter-club Seniors’ trophy. As the aggregate score this year was 10½ - 5½ to the Saints, the putter now sits proudly above the fire in the lower lounge.

Derek Rushton & Peter Commings won 8 & 6
Nigel Thomas & Martin Bailey won 6 & 4
John Bower & Bill Comyn lost 1 down
John Harbinson & Ken Metcalfe won 1 up
Paul Godfrey & Kevin Birkett won 4 & 3
Harry Gliddon & Richard Parsons won 5 & 3
David Elliott & Dick Leivers won 7 & 5
Mike Maberley & Keith Willmott lost 6 & 5

NTP: David Elliott