St. Enodoc Golf Club - A Devon trip in vain

Friday, 04 September saw the Seniors make the long drive to Royal North Devon. The day wore a grey face – grey clouds, grey seas, the grey, ghostly shape of Lundy just visible on the horizon, together with a strong westerly wind, made for a melancholy introduction. However, whilst the wind was relentless, the clouds did lift, the sun came out, the sea changed colour, Lundy loomed clearer and closer, but the melancholy mood prevailed for the Old Saints as they lost 5½ - 2½. Keith Hawke and partner, despite the former having played an almost faultless round, found themselves 3 down with 3 to play, but managed to win the final holes to achieve a valuable half. As punishment for such a lapse, their opponents were then given the task of collecting the dinner money !

Captain of the Day Keith Willmott, employing his usual and lively sense of humour, tried to make light of the defeat, by referring to the Johnny Fallon Driver, given by David Balmford, for which the two clubs compete annually, suggesting that Mr Fallon never won anything and that the Seniors competently followed his example by coming second again. The finely tuned ears of some present were convinced that Mr F could be heard turning in his grave at such a slight, however light-hearted. Old Hickory remembers (!) that not only did JF win his one match in the 1955 Ryder Cup, he captained the GB team in the same contest in 1963. It is true though, that he only came second in the 1955 Open !

  • Keith Willmott & Jonty Geake lost 5 & 4
  • Kevin Birkett & Stuart Sandercock lost 2 down
  • Nigel Thomas & David Oldham won 3 & 2
  • Keith Hawke & John Harbinson halved
  • Richard Parsons & Les Spong lost 6 & 5
  • David Elliott & Rex Malloy lost 4 & 3
  • Des Kelly & Jim Crouch lost 2 &1
  • Paddy Graham & Tony Mindel won 2 & 1

NTP: Kevin Birkett

Old Hickory’s trivia: The only time your ball ever really bites is when it lands 40 feet short.
A ball hit into the rough will always disappear between two identical shrubs.
If you can’t find your ball in the rough, but you find another one that you could easily play, it will be orange, yellow or pink.