St. Enodoc Golf Club - A Close Match at Truro

Prior to the match, Truro Captain, Terry Mortimore, assembled the teams who then stood for a minute’s silence in remembrance of the thirty British tourists recently murdered in Tunisia.

Many will know that the delightful Truro golf course in many ways, is rather like the countryside must have appeared in the days of the Good Queen Bess – parkland, blessed with a generous helping of trees. Some of the more literary minded in the team suspected that J R R Tolkien may have also had some influence on the design of this particular course. Around every corner and lining every fairway are trees and more trees which have to be taken into consideration when planning a shot. Indeed one or two of the Old Saints wondered if some of the trees were Ents straight out of Middle-earth, because there were times when they were convinced that the Truro trees (Ents !) moved to obstruct as soon as the ball was struck ! However, Old Hickory believes that the R&A have yet to rule on such a malevolent phenomenon.

The match was a closely contested affair with five matches going to the 18th and the result resting on the last pairing. Despite the sterling efforts of Frank ‘Big Easy’ Harper, it was not to be and the old boys had to concede victory to Truro, 5½ - 3½ - a reversal of the earlier home match on the links.

Ken Metcalfe & Richard Parsons won 1 up
Nigel Thomas & Derek Rushton halved
Kevin Birkett & Stuart Sandercock lost 2 & 1
Wayne Mitchell & David Ramsbottom lost 2 down
David Balmford & Roger Priestley lost 6 & 5
Paul Godfrey & Dick Leivers won 2 & 1
Bill Comyn & Harry Gliddon halved
Frank Harper & John Harbinson lost 2 down

NTP: Derek Rushton

Old Hickory’s Trivia: The best way to tell whether a golf gadget will help your game is to try and imagine Freddie Couples using it regularly.

A ball will always come to rest halfway down a slope unless there is sand, water or a copse at the bottom.