St. Enodoc Golf Club - A Brilliant Captain\'s Day

A Brilliant Captain\'s Day

How does he do it ? Captain Sunshine strikes again; some even call him the Sun God and despite a wet forecast Captain\'s Day was played in glorious sun which continued through the evening for the Bar-B-Q. The half an inch of rain over the previous 48 hours certainly made the course look less parched and it was forecast to continue but by the time play commenced the sun was shining but there was a strong and blustery wind.  A full house of 22 teams of 4 played on the Church and there were further teams playing on the Holywell; in total 110 Members took part which is the most for many a long year.

The format of 2 scores to count off full handicap with the Men off the yellow tees made things look quite easy but that took no account of the wind and rough and the winning score of 88 which was only 2 short of averaging 5 points a hole was really very good play indeed. The day was enlivened with the St Austell Brewery van dispensing drinks at the 10th, Mike Buse gallantly acting as a ball spotter on the same hole doing an impersonation of an Commonweath Games gymnast having lost his footing, Terry Buscombe playing from the wrong tee box and Chris Tickner managing to hit a tee marker on the 1st. Fines for the Captain\'s Charity were duly levied.

There were prizes galore incluing a special prize on both courses for the team that lost most balls.... of golf balls (names withheld to spare any blushes). The lengthy list of prize winners is below:-

Church Course
1st     David Elliott, Rypke de Boer, Nigel Buse, Marie Bradbury  88 pts
2nd    Jax Buse, Norman Hawkey, Susie Hoddell, Keith Howard  87pts
3rd    Susie Willmott, David Barber, Harry Gliddon, Cath Buscombe  82pts
4th    Shaun Beare, Malcolm Dingle, Beth Elliott, Mike Worden  81 pts
5th    Jo Gadney, Keith Willmott, Ruth East, Richard Bentley  80 pts

                                       Jax Buse, Sue Jones, Anne Irons, John Russell, Janet Walton and Tony Rounsevell

Holywell Course
1st   Janet Walton, John Russell, Anne Irons, Sue Jones  92 pts
2nd  Mike Jarvis, Judy Redman, Di Mindel, Terry Carter   85 pts

Nearest the Pin Church
5th    Keith Searle
 8th    Annie Cruse
 11th  Richard Parsons
 15th  Rex Molloy
 17th  Ken Perring

Nearest the Pin Holywell
 12th  Tony Mindel
 18th  Henry Irons

It has to be said that the unusual method and route employed by Annie Cruse to get closest on the 8th resulted in her team serenading the audience to \"Its not what you do but the way that you do it\".

The music was good, the weather was good, the golf was good, the Bar-B-Q was good and the Captain was brilliant!