St. Enodoc Golf Club - 5th & 15th Scrub Clearance - the finishing touches

5th & 15th Scrub Clearance - the finishing touches

Now that our contractor has finished the heavy work between the 5th tee and the pond below the 15th tee our Course Manager will be able to apply the finishing touches. The areas of currently bare sand below the 5th and 6th Tees will be reseeded with pure fescue next week and eventually marram will be also be transplanted by hand over the coming months .

The marshes are the most exciting part, our Course Manager Scott Gibson has consulted with many wetland experts, and following their advice has purchased of a blend of seeds that include iris, bullrush and other native marsh plants . These wetland seeds will be sown on the banks of the stream from the 15th pond to the 5th Bridge, in a 10 metre wide strip each side of the stream, the remaining banks and slopes will be sown with fescue. These marsh seeds are arriving this week and will be sown immediately.

Sowing of these areas has been made possible by using MJ Smith to deroot the entire area below the 5th and 6th Tees, as this will eliminate the need to treat these areas with aggressive herbicide for the next three years and give us the opportunity to reseed these areas immediately rather than waiting years for herbicide to have worked.

We are hopeful that re-seeding the wetland areas will re-invigorate the habitat there and introduce new species of flora and fauna.