St. Enodoc Golf Club - 3BBB Results

On Tuesday 17th February, 3BBB Competitions were held on both courses in bright and sunny conditions. The competition was extremely close on the Church Course with only one point separating the top three teams, whilst on the Holywell Course the winners enjoyed a comfortable lead.

Church Course

1st   Sue Kingston, Beth Elliott, Janine Clagett  65 points
2nd  Pat Parry, Sue Willmott, Barbara Willmott  64 points (after count back)
3rd   Sue Ofield,Bobbie Rounsevell, Fiona Lunt  64 points

Holywell Course

1st   Teresa Radford, Cath Buscombe, Pam Hall  80 points
2nd  Pauline Wilkins, Diana Mindel, Sarah Blackiston  74 points (after count back)