St. Enodoc Golf Club - 2012 Annual General Meeting

The 2012 AGM took place after the Am-Am on Easter Saturday and despite the large number of Members present was one of the quietest on record as it passed without a single question or voice from the floor! John Radford as Chairman of the Management Committee firstly thanked his predecessor Peter Bendall for all his efforts as the first Chairman and the unfailingly helpful and cheerful work of Rob Davies and Chris Smythe as the “faces” of the Club for both Members and visitors. He also pointed out the contribution of former Captain Eric Symons who as a Trustee of the Club attended Committee meetings and proferred great wisdom.

The main points that John made related to the expenditure of £780,000 on upgrades to the courses over the last 8 years and that his Committee had embarked on the process of some major enhancements to the Clubhouse. The professional design is still in its early stages and will comprise opening up the top bar by removing the trophy cabinet, incorporating the conservatory area into the lower lounge with an extension above to the dining room and the inclusion of a new stairway from the bar area to the restaurant via the end of the existing balcony. John also touched on the subject of the large number of Members who have never used their Club cards and his Committee will be looking at whether some small annual charge should be made to the cards to encourage Members to use them for the benefit of the Club.

The Hon. Treasurer Harold Chapman spoke next and expressed satisfaction at the financial results for 2011 and was pleased with the early months of 2012. The Club\'s cash balances are strong and he assured Members that any Clubhouse development work would be well within the resources of the Club.

The Captain John Baxter then thanked by name all those who have contributed to the work of his Committee and pointed out that everyday there is golf at St Enodoc in one form or another from one section of the Club starting on Mondays with the Seniors and finishing with the Bucks on a Sunday. He also thanked Nigel Buse who is stepping down from the Committee after 12 valiant years service; his tremendous contribution to the Club has been seen mostly to the course and to the organisation of golf.

The final formal part related to the election of Officers and Committee Members and with Nigel Buse stepping down Andy Bunt was duly nominated and on the Management Committee Mark Richards retired and stood for re-election. With no other nominations all were duly elected.