St. Enodoc Golf Club - 12th tee dune restoration and mitigation - up date

12th tee dune restoration and mitigation - up date

As Members will be aware the 12th tee dune mitigation work was paused in order to better understand the causes of the damage caused to the initial installation.

The issues involved are numerous and complex but at the heart of the problems is the steepness of the beach caused by storm erosion during the storms of the winter of 2019/2020. Data relating to this erosion was unavailable to our consultants when they calculated the required location of the palings designed to trap sand and prevent further dune erosion. A drone survey was carried out and this enabled our consultants to review and compare their initial findings. They have now concluded that the Mean High Water Spring level is much closer to the dune than originally calculated. As a result of this the palings will now be relocated behind the existing fencing. Work on removing posts from the beach and installing the palings will commence within the next two weeks.

Thus, soon we will have implemented the first phase of work; by the time this is completed the winter will be largely over. This will not give us time to know how effective, or otherwise, these 1st phase measures have been. That we will not know that until Easter 2022. Until that point, we will not be sufficiently informed to be able to make any decision on phase 2. The Management Committee have therefore decided that we will now have a period where we simply observe, do nothing more (save perhaps some maintenance) and review the performance of phase 1 in Spring 2022.

We have met with the Trebetherick Residents Association to explain why we need to protect the dune and more recently have further informed them of the new location of the palings.