The teaching profession takes over the Seniors

Published: 31st October 2012
Peter Commings
Peter Commings

With the Seniors' AGM on Friday 26th October we saw the end of the reign of Seniors' Captain Harry Gliddon a man whose career was spent in the teaching profession. The current Captain of the Club John Baxter is a man not unknown in the world of education either and there is even one more who used to be seen in the schoolyard on the Captain's Committee. I am not quite sure if there is something in the water at St Enodoc as Harry has been succeeded by Peter Commings, a man with a glittering career at Tonbridge School then low and behold he has a Vice-Captain in Nigel Thomas who just also happens also to have been a pedagogue.

It has obviously become a pre-requisite to high office amongst the elder brethren of the Club to come from a background of the schoolroom so we had better have no smoking behind the Science Labs from now on. I wonder what odds are available that one day in the dim and distant future Bob Cruse will fill that hallowed role.

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Nigel Thomas

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