Seniors entertain Perranporth

Published: 16th May 2014

On a very gusty Monday (12 May), but thankfully free of the expected heavy showers, the Seniors entertained Perranporth, their local links rivals.

One can only speculate about whether the old boys’ cocoa had been laced with some mysterious concoction the night before or whether Dr. David had been sneaking around giving medication of an arcane elixir brewed in the magical air of his garage. Whatever the formulae, the Old Saints would certainly like a repeat prescription, because they triumphed over the visitors by 7 – 1 ! Not only was the winning margin a substantial one, several of the individual games were won with some thumping scores. Seniors’ Captain, Nigel Thomas was so delighted with the victory that he was prepared to overlook some of the split infinitives and floating participles which were to be heard around the dinner tables !

But …. the return fixture is around the corner and things could be rather different at Perranporth, especially if the weather gods are not feeling too well.

  • Nigel Thomas & John Bower won 5 & 4
  • Tony Mindel & Dick Leivers won 4 & 3
  • David Elliott & Richard Parsons won 5 & 4
  • Peter Commings & Keith Willmott won 5 & 4
  • Paul Godfrey & John Harbinson won 6 & 4
  • Stuart Sandercock & Derek Rushton won 1 up
  • Mike Maberly & Keith Hawke lost 2 & 1
  • Garry Cooper & John Westlake won 5 & 4

NTP: Keith Hawke

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