News from the Seniors

Published: 27th November 2012

On a very wet and very windy November Monday morning, to the surprise of many, whilst those much less fortunate in the county struggled with the consequences of the Cornish monsoons, some 20 seniors gathered for their weekly roll-up. It was such determination in the face of adversity that once made this nation great – well, it was once.

Two vans in the car park marked, ‘Lakes and Irrigation Services’, may have confused the old boys, but did little to dampen the enthusiasm. However, as pulses of wraith-like rain blew past on the wind and Stepper came and went through the gloom, it slowly became apparent that the earlier commitment to a round of golf was steadily evaporating in the warmth of the clubhouse.

Thus, after many cups of coffee and having voiced numerous theories to resolve the world’s economic, political, social, fiscal and military problems, to say nothing of the position of the hands at the top of the back-swing, this band of devotees retired defeated and crept reluctantly home to its slippers.

We did learn later that one senior ventured on to the Holywell with his clubs, but as yet, there is no further news !

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