Ladies competitions round-up

Published: 5th February 2016

The latest competition in the Friday Stableford salver series was played on Friday 29th January although such were the weather conditions that only 3 brave ladies ventured out, but at least they managed to get another card in. The results as follows;

Stableford Salver  

1st Celia Jarvis 12 points

2nd Lynn Ashcroft 10 points

3rd Vicki Stevenson 10 points (after c/b)


The EG Medal suffered much the same by way of weather but Sue, Penny & Bev managed to get round;

EG Medal Sunday 31st January 

1st Sue Roworth net 90

2nd Penny Cartwright net 90 (after c/b)


29 Ladies came out to play on Tuesday 2nd February and enjoyed a full round of golf in blustery but mainly dry conditions.

Holywell Medal  

1st Diana Mindel net 70

2nd Rose Jones net 70 (after c/b)

3rd Anne Irons net 73


Church Medal  

1st Lynn Ashcroft net 81

2nd Jax Buse net 84

3rd Elizabeth Elliot net 84 (after c/b)