Ladies competition results

Published: 29th October 2016
Looking back up the first in the fog
Looking back up the first in the fog

The Ladies competition on Tuesday 25th October was a fun competition 3 ball played as a 321 format. 3 scores to count, then 2 followed by 1 and repeat throughout the round. The day began with a thick fog but not enough to delay the start and it was lovely out on the course in the still and quiet conditions. 

Many teams reported mixed fortunes, finding it difficult to synchronise their good scores when it mattered. Those that fared best were; 

Church Course 

1st Sue Roworth, Bev Vann & Sarah Fisher 68 points
2nd Larry Barnecutt, Penny Cartwright & Maxine Rich 65 points 

Holywell Course 

1st Janine Clagett, Sue Floyd Jones, Tereen Oliver 91 points
2nd Judy Redman, Liz McWhirter & Bobbie Rounsevell 77 points