Ladies Competition Results

Published: 13th August 2016

The competition of the day on Tuesday 9th August was a Bisque format which follows Stableford scoring with the slight change that each player can choose where to take their shots. This allows for various approaches to be taken, with some choosing to take extra shots on all the Par 3’s, others not taking shots on their ‘I never score here’ holes and others saving all their shots for the latter holes to counteract ‘back nine fatigue’! Some good scoring was seen, with several ladies commenting that it would be nice to have the choice all the time!


Winners on the Church Course were;


1st Ruth East 32 points

2nd Larry Barnecutt 31 points (after c/b)

3rd Kath Biddle 31 points (after c/b)

4th Pauline Meredith 30 points (after c/b)


On the Holywell the successful players were;


1st Helen Russell 35 points

2nd Jane Brenton 34 points (after c/b)

3rd Bobbie Rounsevell 34 points

4th Rose Jones 32 points