Ladies competition results

Published: 21st July 2016

Normally when we talk about ‘braving the weather’ for our competitions we are referring to wind and rain. However on Tuesday 19th July it was a very different challenge that faced the ladies for their Stableford competition as the cloudless skies offered no shelter from the sun beating down on them and the mercury reached rarely seen heights. A few ladies capitulated in the heat and retired to the shade and cool of the clubhouse for a refreshing drink (sounds like a sensible idea to me!). Quite a few ladies did make it round, some enjoying the Mediterranean like conditions more than others, with the currently in form Annie Hawkey coming out on top on the church course and Sue Floyd Jones winning on the Holywell. 

Church course 

Division 1 

1st Annie Hawkey  31 points
2nd Jax Buse 30 points
3rd Sue G Jones 29 points 

Division 2 

1st Carole Carter 27 points
2nd Gloria Crouch 25 points
3rd Chris Henderson 23 points  

Holywell Course 

1st Sue Floyd Jones  37 points
2nd Lesley Casey 35 points
3rd Anne Humphreys 34 points