Ladies competition results

Published: 27th March 2016

On Tuesday 22nd March the Ladies enjoyed a fun competition with a difference by playing from a variety of tees on both courses. This resulted in many players seeing the course from new perspectives and often playing the ball from never before seen positions (although I am sure some of us often do this anyway...). Back in the clubhouse the general consensus was that it was an entertaining format but that it caused headaches in a few cases for the unfortunate team member who kept the card!

The results were as follows;

Church course (Yellow-Red-Silver)

1st Penny Cartwright, Sue G Jones & Sarah Sandercock (aka the dream team!) 81 points
2nd Sue Richards, Tamsin Blake & Chris Henderson   65 points
3rd Sue Roworth, Barbara Graham & Edna Alford      64 points

Holywell course (Yellow-Red-Blue)

1st Nan Girling, Gilly Ffrench-Blake & Sue Foster    90 points
2nd Gill Goodright, Sue Walker & Teresa Radford   82 points