Ladies' Captain's Away Day

Published: 23rd July 2017
Hunks in trunks providing refreshment and distraction for the Ladies
Hunks in trunks providing refreshment and distraction for the Ladies

Launceston Golf Club was the venue for this year’s away day for Ladies’ Captain Tamsin Blake. With the weather playing its usual games in the few days leading up to Saturday, it was fingers firmly crossed in the morning as the 33 Ladies made their way up to Launceston. The theme for the day was ‘Loud & Proud’ with players encouraged to wear their brightest colours; this produced an array of outfits, wigs, hi-viz and very loud (some might say offensive) trousers (yes Ladies’ Captain we mean you!). 

Some heavy showers kept everyone on their toes for the first hour; waterproofs on, umbrella up; waterproofs off, umbrella down. And repeat….. For some teams this added complication meant that they had too much to focus on and they had some difficulty remembering the format they were playing! Scramble Drive, 2 scores to count on par 4’s and 5’s, 3 scores to count on par 3’s; doesn’t sound too difficult does it? It would seem 3 scores to count on the par 3’s was the deal breaker with one team all playing their own ball, counting 2 scores and then realising on the next tee what they had done! Doh. 

Fortunately, as the day wore on the weather improved and so did the Ladies’ spirits on reaching the 10th green to find 2 ‘hunks in trunks’ awaiting them with refreshments. This was either a distraction for some or, in the case of a certain ‘pocket rocket’, a reason to focus really hard on her put. She was unwilling to say what she was lining up on as the ‘gentlemen’ tended the pin for her! It had the desired effect as she was the only team member to drain her put. 

Back in the clubhouse everyone enjoyed a 2 course carvery, a few (or more) drinks and an informal prize giving with the team of Suzie Willmott, Carole Carter and Judy Redman coming out on top. Best team clothing effort went to the team of Sue Roworth, Pauline Meredith & Ellen Collop for their homage to ‘Captain Soggy’. Recognition for her offensively loud trousers was also given to Tamsin Blake. 

Paying homage to Captain Soggy (aka Ladies' Captain Tamsin) with their headwear. Pauline, Ellen & Sue

Huge thanks are owed to Marion Andrews and Chris Henderson for organising the day, and to Bob Cruse and Richard Blake for providing refreshments and entertainment! 

Many thanks to Launceston Golf Club for hosting us and for providing an excellent meal.