Holywell Pandora's Box 2017

Published: 6th November 2017
Winning team - Judy Cole, Edna Alford, Captain Tony Mindel & Sue Roworth
Winning team - Judy Cole, Edna Alford, Captain Tony Mindel & Sue Roworth

A select group of members enjoyed an unusual Dallas Scramble on the Holywell on Sunday 5th November. The Pandora’s Box competition presented plenty of challenges but also plenty of laughs as the teams of 4 plotted their way around the carefully designed course and tried to assess the distances for their shots. Some wide variations were heard as the teams discussed how far they thought the tee shot was, and it’s true to say that some players were better than others at this! Notably good at assessing distance was Malcolm Cole who managed to find the green on several occasions; a shame the team couldn’t get the putts in!

The teams enjoyed a drink and the food specials in the clubhouse and the winners were announced, with Captain Tony Mindel once again featuring in top position, what’s his secret?! 

Winners on 37.9 – Tony Mindel, Edna Alford, Judy Cole & Sue Roworth

Runners-up on 38.0 – Richard Blake, Bev Vann, Allen Nicholls & John Russell

Meeting notes

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