An Evening with Scott Gibson, our Course Manager

Published: 22nd August 2016

An evening with Scott Gibson, our Course Manager 6 pm September 9th.

Just off the back road into the club there is a track leading to a large building with solar panels on the roof and  beehives behind it. Within it all the equipment, seed, fertiliser etc that the greenkeepers use to make our courses so wonderful. So what does that new fairway mower look like close up, why make holes in the greens and pour sand over them, how can grass seed germinate when it is cold, how much fertiliser can be used and when, what weedkillers, fungicides are used ? We are all expert greenskeepers and our lawns at home reflect this! But you have more of your own questions to ask. Scott will show us around the greens keepers shed, then back to the clubhouse for a drink and a pasty, and then a Q and A session (tickets £5.50 from the bar so we know how many to expect and cater for).