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All Members will be receiving the A.G.M. notifications for the meeting to be held on Easter Saturday by the 17th March.

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A request for the email addresses of all Members

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After twelve years the webmaster hangs up his mouse - but Niblick decides to continue !

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If you have been having trouble try this.

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Will now be under Extras.

19th July 2017 · Read more →

Summer holiday work at St Enodoc Golf Club

29th June 2017 · Read more →

A busy month for maintenance to keep the courses up to scratch.

16th June 2017 · Read more →

Full system testing on Monday 26th June

16th June 2017 · Read more →

Praise from the PGA for the course conditions and work continues on the rough.

6th May 2017 · Read more →

The first area to be tined is short of the 16th green.

3rd May 2017 · Read more →

Can whoever borrowed it please return it to the Club.

28th April 2017 · Read more →

A good year for St Enodoc but a sad farewell to our General Manager Tuck Clagett.

16th April 2017 · Read more →

Details of the candidates for the Committee elections.

13th April 2017 · Read more →

New General Manager designate opens up on his experience and expectations of life at St Enodoc

3rd April 2017 · Read more →

Members attention is drawn to the Notice concerning Committee vacancies

24th March 2017 · Read more →

At last the basic claim has been settled by HMRC.

28th February 2017 · Read more →

Scott's report covering January and February is now under Extras.

27th February 2017 · Read more →

Some problems with their updated software which hopefully will be resolved.

7th February 2017 · Read more →

This most interesting document is available online for Members to read

6th February 2017 · Read more →

Natural England will be carrying out extensive work to preserve our SSSI dunes.

28th January 2017 · Read more →

Simon Greatorex appointed.

18th January 2017 · Read more →

Alterations to some semi-rough cut lines and managed control of areas of thick rough will improve the enjoyement and speed of play.

22nd November 2016 · Read more →

St Enodoc seeks a new General Manager

11th October 2016 · Read more →

Golf reception/Bar and Catering positions open at St Enodoc

26th August 2016 · Read more →

An update on the conditions of our courses in this period of rapid grass growth.

5th August 2016 · Read more →

Malcolm Cole gives up his role for personal reasons.

13th July 2016 · Read more →

Now back online and available for Members to read.

20th May 2016 · Read more →

Why have the Minutes of the Management Committee not been posted on the website ???

9th May 2016 · Read more →

Sorry for the loss of webcam but as you will see it is now working again.

5th May 2016 · Read more →

The AGM took place on Easter Saturday as usual despite the Am-Am being cancelled.

29th March 2016 · Read more →

Possibility of a trolley ban on both courses - read more.

12th February 2016 · Read more →

Required to operate the new proximity reader to make it easier to use.

26th August 2015 · Read more →

The new grey tees are now in place and available for Members to use and enjoy.

10th August 2015 · Read more →

In the Food & Beverage department of the Club.

17th July 2015 · Read more →

New leadership at St Enodoc Golf Club

5th April 2015 · Read more →

Apologies as the website was offline for about 4 hours this morning Saturday.

2nd August 2014 · Read more →

St Enodoc Members and staff praised for their welcome to the English Women's Amateur Championship

21st July 2014 · Read more →

Drinks reception for all Volunteers Monday 14th July, so sign up NOW!

7th July 2014 · Read more →

And a reminder about no trolleys in the rough.

10th May 2014 · Read more →

First phase the upper bar almost complete.

17th March 2014 · Read more →

To provide a better playing surface near the green and a new path to the 17th tee.

14th March 2014 · Read more →

Standing water makes play impossible.

4th February 2014 · Read more →

Work commences on Monday 27th January.

25th January 2014 · Read more →

The floor plan is now shown under Extras.

7th December 2013 · Read more →

Extension of the Saturday breakfasts to other days.

24th July 2013 · Read more →

Warmer weather focuses attention on the greens.

7th May 2013 · Read more →

Tee times can now be made in the clubhouse just like online.

5th May 2013 · Read more →

More recognition for St Enodoc

26th April 2013 · Read more →

Wind suspends play at Trevose. Tour Pro uses a 4 iron for a 100 yd shot !

18th April 2013 · Read more →

Two lady Members are needed to be part of the working group to be formed to take forward the clubhouse development.

4th April 2013 · Read more →

Effects of frost and an update on course work.

1st March 2013 · Read more →

Details are given of the outline plan for the clubhouse.

11th February 2013 · Read more →

The rains take their toll on the courses but repair work is well in hand.

19th January 2013 · Read more →

This year up to now has been an exceptional growing year which has caused us a few issues.

8th October 2012 · Read more →

There will be a meeting on Friday 12th October at 6.30 pm for members to learn more about the proposed plans to remodel the clubhouse.

26th September 2012 · Read more →

The mowers need regular attention to keep them cutting the greens to perfection

7th July 2012 · Read more →

Golf World has confirmed its 35th U.K. rating of St Enodoc by ranking it 76th in the World for courses which are open to visitors.

5th July 2012 · Read more →

St Enodoc continues to rise up the Golf World Top 100 U.K. & Ireland rankings moving up from 38th in 2010 to 35th today

22nd May 2012 · Read more →

St Enodoc has the honour of hosting County Week which starts on Sunday 20th May and volunteers are required.

16th May 2012 · Read more →

Remedial work has now been completed on the Himalaya bunker

19th April 2012 · Read more →

The 2012 AGM took place after the Am-Am on Easter Saturday with a a large number of Members present.

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This is the first report of the New Year with very different weather conditions from January 2011 and with fluctuating temperatures.

17th January 2012 · Read more →

From Monday 28th November the bunkers on holes #12 and #15 will be under repair.

25th November 2011 · Read more →

Instructed by the Management Committee to improve the yardage markings on the course our General Manager decided to involve NASA..

19th November 2011 · Read more →



Welcome to the new Members Page which we hope you like. There are some notes under Extras to the right which are designed to help you get the best out of it. Hopefully you will have no difficulty navigating around all of the new website as it is fairly intuitive if slightly different from the old one.

1st November 2011 · Read more →



Church Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 3 mm, Surrounds- 8 mm, Tees- 8 mm, Fairways- 12 mm.The greens received their annual maintenance this month which consisted of the greens being tined with ½” tine, heavy sand dressing applied (1.5 tons per green) and then over seeded with pure Fescue. Once this process had been done we were reliant on the weather to introduce a final dressing and the Bent seed, which was achieved.

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Church Course Report
Present cutting heights: Greens- 3mm, Surrounds- 8 mm, Tees- 8 mm, Fairways- 12 mm
This month on the greens my focus has been on maintaining a good quality surface now that we have had the consistency in growth. So to achieve this, greens were sprayed with a conditioner (seaweed, iron and potassium) a total of 3 times. A growth regulator was applied. The greens were then tined with an 8mm tine, rolled and top-dressed, each receiving 0.5...

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